Ado’s orgasmic beet pasta

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ado beet pasta

I know this picture is horrible and the pasta does NOT look good…but you have to trust me.

There’s this amazing authentic Italian restaurant in Venice called Ado. It’s the cutest little yellow house on Main St. that you could easily walk by without knowing what it is.

As you walk in, you’re immediately greeted by the nicest, most handsome Italian man who acts as if he’s known you for years. “Buona Sera!” he says…kiss and hug and you’re instantly seated at a cozy table. You don’t even necessarily need reservations which I love. I prefer sitting upstairs where candle light makes everyone look good and there’s just a sense of Europe in the air. The waiters are incredible and all have that sexy Italian accent. This is the real deal people!

Now onto the most important thing: The Beet Pasta with Quail Ragu. I can’t even begin to explain how delicious this dish is. It’s homemade beet pasta with this heavenly cheese sauce and ground quail. I had never even had quail before and was of course skeptical, but after one bite I said…”quail schmail…this isn’t normal!! This is the best pasta I’ve ever had!”  Purely orgasmic.

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