Parsley Pesto

photo 4

  I am such a sauce girl…and a saucy girl if you must know. But seriously, I truly believe that sauces can make or break a meal. Fresh pesto is one thing I always have on hand because it’s so versatile.  I use it in scrambled and on fried eggs, in pasta, on wraps, I dip my roasted cauliflower in it, I put it on salmon & burgers and the list goes on. It also gets tastier by the day…so try to get in the habit of making...

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Top 20 Things I Learned Hosting a Show on Cooking Channel


I learned SO much about food and cooking while hosting America’s Best Bites on Cooking Channel, but here are my top 20:   1. Take the time to brine:  Chef Dan Bonanno, A Pig in a Fur Coat (Madison, WI) 2. Chefs can turn an entire community around for the better:  Chef Dan Wright, Abigail Street (Cincinnati, OH) 3. A spoon is the prefect tool for peeling ginger:  Chef Daniel Orr, Farm Bloomington (Bloomington, IN) 4. Spend extra...

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My…how times have changed

donut 2

When I was in elementary and middle school, my mom would take me to the grocery store. Sometimes I really didn’t want to go (shocking I know), but what got me through was knowing that I could pick out my very own chocolate frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles as soon as we entered the store. My mom was kind enough to let me do this, although I’m sure it was her way to keep me occupied and happy while she shopped for groceries in...

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Hell-O….Jell-O Shots!


I love tequila. I love grapefruit.  And now I love Michelle at the JSTK Blog for introducing me to the Paloma Jelly Shot! I hadn’t had a jello shot since college and didn’t realize how many gourmet jello shot recipes are out there. These were a hit at my recent birthday party and I think they’ll be a hit with you….assuming you like tequila that is 😉 I also made vodka blueberry shots, but I used a kurant vodka and they...

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Holy Yogurt Aioli!

holy yogurt aioli

Again, I’m not a chef, so making an aioli at home was an accomplishment. It’s just not something I normally do on a Tuesday night. BUT….as I defrosted the Mahi Mahi I bought at Trader Joe’s, I saw a recipe attached to the packaging for an “Easy Aioli.” I decided to give it a try. It obviously called for mayonnaise because that’s the main ingredient in an aioli. I don’t keep mayo at home because...

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Heidi’s Salsa & Nikki’s Jam

Luko Food Tin

I was recently introduced to a fantastic new food company called Luko Foods. I know the owner, Heidi, through a good friend of mine but had no idea she made some of the most incredible salsa on the planet! She is of Mexican decent so she’s been around her fair share of tasty salsas growing up. Her business partner-in-crime Nikki, also brings something to the table with her decadent jams. Seriously, these jams will knock your socks...

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