Pasta & Eggs

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pasta and eggs

I was just getting over a stomach bug and was scared to eat much of anything, but was STARVING.  I looked in my fridge and saw left-over spaghetti with chard and artichokes. That sounded good to my tummy, but I also wanted a dose of protein. Of course I had eggs, and a light bulb went off.  I’d seen eggs on pasta in restaurants before, so why haven’t I tried it at home?

I warmed up my leftovers and made one over easy egg (with a rosemary seasoning to make it more “pasta-y”), then placed it on top of my spaghetti. The yolk oozed out like an additional sauce; it was so freakin’ scrumptious AND healthy!

Look at all the goodness:

Fiber- Whole Wheat Pasta  

Greens/vitaminsChard & artichokes


A meal wouldn’t be the same without some cheese, so I topped off the dish with some grated parm and lunch is served!

Tip for the day: If you think of food as fuel, it will be so much easier to come up with your own healthy creations that are full of flavor AND nutrients.


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